Clinical Newsletters and News

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Issue No 1- Anemia and viral infections–

Issue No 2- Dialysis adequacy and vascular access–

Issue No 3- Food and the patient with kidney disease or kidney failure–

Issue No 4- Stages of kidney disease and when to refer to a kidney specialist

Issue No 5– The Kidney Biopsy- Information for the Clinician-

Issue No 6– The Dialysis Catheter-

Issue No 7– HIV and the Kidney-

KidneySolutions News and Events

July 15th, 2014- Featured article involving KidneySolutions Kidney disease and dialysis center Lagos about the quality of healthcare in Nigeria.

Sept 12th, 2014– KidneySolutions listed on the United States embassy to Nigeria website as a medical treatment/evacuation facility. Please note that this is not an endorsement or recommendation of the US embassy for referral or treatment at KidneySolutions.

May 2015– 4th dialysis patient at KidneySolutions successfully transplanted and back to life and work!

June 2015– KidneySolutions nominated among other centers for the 2015 Nigerian Healthcare excellence dialysis service provider of the year award

July 2015– Professor C Odutola joins the advisory board of KidneySolutions.

October 2015– KidneySolutions dialysis patient undergoes successful living kidney transplantation at Garki hospital Abuja. Total number of transplanted patients, 9

Feb 2016– Dr Anekwe presents theme lecture on interventional nephrology at the 28th Annual general meeting and scientific congress of the Nigerian Association of Nephrology in Sokoto

May 2016– KidneySolutions nominated again by Nigerian Healthcare excellence organization for 2016 dialysis service provider of the year award.

June 2017– KidneySolutions nominated for the 3rd consecutive year for the Nigerian Healthcare Excellence, dialysis service provider of the year award.

December 2017– 14th patient from KidneySolutions undergoes successful kidney transplantation

May 31st 2019– 23rd and 24th patients from KidneySolutions successfully undergo live donor kidney transplantation.

June 29th 2019– KidneySolutions nominated for the 4th time for Nigerian Healthcare excellence award for Dialysis Service provider of the year.

August 2019– KidneySolutions in collaboration with the Caroline Medical Center to present experience with novel live donor nephrectomy technique and outcomes with induction immunosuppression in Nigeria at the 2019 Transplant Association of Nigeria meeting in Lagos.

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