Kidney Link

Kidney links are a set of links for healthcare professionals as well as patients, their families and friends to get information relevant to kidney disease, dialysis, transplantation and general health for the Nigerian environment. We hope you find them useful

KidneySolutions YouTube channel–

Transplant Association of Nigeria (TAN)

The Nigerian Association of Nephrology–

The Nigerian Institute of Medical Research–

Dialysis Center and Hospital Resources & Directories

Rate Nigerian Hospitals-

Dialysis World Nigeria-

Global Dialysis-

Dialysis Teams-

Nigerian Health Blogs and Radio Shows

Health Blog Nigeria-

Nigeria Health Watch-

Nigerian Health Journal-

Dr Julz- On Nigeria Info 99.3 FM-

Doctors on air- On Classic FM 97.3 –

Other Nigerian Health Associations

Transplant Association of Nigeria (TAN)

Nigerian Medical Association-

Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria-

Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria-

International Links

African Pediatric Nephrology Association-

International Society of Nephrology –

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