Month: May 2014

Upcoming blog post in June 2014- Nigerian foods and the patient with moderate to advanced kidney disease

Food and the Patient with Kidney Disease or Kidney Failure
Kidney function is essential for removing the waste material from food that you eat. The
kidneys excrete the breakdown products of dietary protein called urea, as well as sodium, potassium, and phosphate.

Foods, especially animal protein based meals also generate a acids that must be eliminated by the body. In a healthy state, the kidney is responsible for this.
These substances can build up in the body if kidney function is impaired. Following a strict diet can lessen the excessive accumulation of these substances and their bad effects on the body.



There are many myths and misconceptions about what patients with kidney disease should eat. It is important to know what the limitations are and avoid malnutrition which is quite common in kidney disease and dialysis patients. There are also some important differences in the diet recommendations depending on the severity or stage of kidney disease.

In this upcoming blog post, the most important food components and nutrients that need modification in patients with kidney disease will be discussed. The effects of accumulation of these substances and the dietary choices will also be mentioned. Unique issues related to vitamins and nutritional supplements will also be highlighted. The post will not be meant to replace formal discussions with your doctor and nutritionist.

To learn more, visit the KidneySolutions frequently asked questions page at the KidneySolutions YouTube channel, or this free video by the Increasing Kidney Awareness Network (IKAN) here to learn more about diets and food for patients with kidney disease.

Stay tuned and see you next month.