Upcoming Blogpost in February 2014- What you need to know about kidney stones.


Kidney stones are very common in Nigeria and are a cause of pain, lost work hours and decreased overall productivity. Kidney stones are also risk factors for hypertension, kidney infections, kidney disease and even kidney failure if not managed properly. You need to talk to a doctor that knows a lot about kidney stones and maybe a urologist to properly manage kidney stone disease

Kidney stone- img_2

Some kidney stones are very large and some are small and difficult to even see but whatever the size, they can cause serious pain and other problems.

In Feb 2014, the KidneySolutions blog will present a post on what patients need to know about kidney stones in order to manage the disease. The post will not serve as an alternative to seeing a doctor but will give patients information needed to deal with kidney stones in cooperation with a doctor. There are several types of kidney stones with specific causes that require specific treatment approaches. Your treatment plan really depends on the kind of kidney stone you have.

Stay tuned and return to our blog for this new interesting post.


    1. You need to visit a doctor so that they can take samples of your blood and urine to assess your kidney function. You may also need to take special pictures of your kidney. Hope this helps.


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